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Love the new alliance white head, lingering affection to create a good relationship, wish a hundred years are good, life, love, a pair of mandarin ducks love!


Find her in the vast sea of people, clearly a thousand years ago, a fate, I wish you both happiness and happiness, a harmonious relationship.


Bless you and laugh for you, because today, my heart is also as jubilant as you! Happy wedding!


The bridegroom is happy, the bride is shy, the new couple is really happy. Love grows, love stays forever, and love lasts forever. May you always be happy and loving!


Dear friends, cherish this love, such as treasure, gently into this emotional temple, to feel every moment of wonderful time.


Happy new year, the moon is like a hook. Love is constant, love is not chaos, it is mutual defense. It's a blessing and a new heart for Bai Shouyong.


This is a natural pair, to make a pair, and now together, more need to be tolerant of each other, take care of each other, bless you!


May love fill your sweet life and make every day as brilliant and joyful as it is today!


Looking at the bridegroom and bride, the warmth and happiness are the same. Show happiness true face, only body in blessing. I wish you a happy marriage forever!


Two glorious flowers in the bridal chamber, and a pair of happy people under the lamp. Congratulations on the wedding night.


Loving each other is a good companion. The flowers and candles greet the birds, and the bridal chamber likes to open the plum trees.


Holiday, wedding wine, into the cave room, the three joys of life, dear friends, in your wedding day, let me sincerely wish you a happy new marriage!


The salute of the salute and the plum blossoms come together. The bosom of the bosom friend is red and the head is red. Wish you a happy wedding.


Welcome to the Phoenix, and invite the Phoenix to make a new marriage. The cup and plate touch the drunk, and the charming are getting married. Wish you all the best!


The flowers and candles are neck and neck, and they are proud of each other. They love each other and love two.


Good fate can not help but meet, a kind of fate, two acacia; this feeling today eventually stay, love in the eyebrows, happy heart! I wish you two lives!


At such a festive moment, I send my blessings. May the gods guide your marriage, just as the fish can not leave the water, so that life has been rushing.


Today is your wedding day. On behalf of my family, I congratulate you. I wish you both happiness and longevity.


The lotus flower is open to the heart, and the heart and heart are printed. I wish you two a hundred years of good luck.


I wish you all the same. Happy wedding, sweet honey!


Loving each other is a good companion. The flowers and candles greet the birds, and the bridal chamber likes to open the plum trees. Happy wedding!


The fire of your sincere love, like the rising sun, grows stronger and stronger as time goes on, so that the waters can not be extinguished and the floods can not be submerged.


Hold the hand of the son, lead the son to go, marriage palace, you and I wait; Hold the hand of the son, with the son white head, love this life, no other request.


It is not a rare romance, but a golden age. It is not a thousand years of love, but it is beautiful and romantic. A perfect match, a happy marriage, a happy New Year!


I wish you the best of luck, love and love. Year after year, love is deep, but there is no difference from year to year.


I wish my dearest friend, from now on, Love River Yongbath ten years to repair the same boat, a hundred years to repair the sleeping together!


Spring flowers, flowers bloom; the shadow of water, Liu Qing ripples; peach blossoms spring, the beautiful couple have been paired. I wish you all: love each other and have a happy marriage.


Treasure this love, such as treasure, gently into this emotional temple, to feel every moment of the wonderful time.


There is no ban on eating ancient tea. Congratulations to the couple.


Yesterday lovesickness in autumn wears, today's good fate is bound to be paired, tomorrow's hand is not sad, wish you stay together white head!

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