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The bride is virtuous and virtuous, and the school has taught female students.


The highest state of affection is relative two. No wish for a new couple to truly love each other. Congratulations on the new Jubilee!


Bless you and laugh for you, because today my heart is as happy as you are! I wish you all the best! Reach old age!


The golden house is singing, together with the Phoenix. I wish you all the same. Happy wedding, sweet honey!


May all lovers in the world get married and have a happy ending. Wedding anniversary! A harmonious union lasting a hundred years!


He is the word, you are the spectrum, you two are a harmonious song. A harmonious combination of heaven and earth. Happy wedding!


I wish you a happy marriage, a happy life, a passion forever, and a long life together. Bless a couple who really love each other and meet forever! Congratulations on the new Jubilee!


A lifetime of good fortune, a hundred years of good couple forever, only wish this life often accompanied by love, this life often keep the marriage, happy new marriage.


Congratulations, brother, at last, in this beautiful autumn, glory is stripped! I wish you and your sweetheart sweet happiness, love forever!


A certain person lives in peace and beauty, and has thousands of miles to make heaps.


Today is the old classmates congratulations, congratulations, but also wish you more love in the future, a happier life, early childhood.


I will never be stingy enough to bless you for the true feelings of people like you. I sincerely wish you all the same: happy forever!


Bless you and laugh for you, because today my heart is as joyful and joyful as you are! I wish you all the best! Reach old age.


I heard that you recently married, the bride and you are well matched, the body is full, the skin is white and red, so we say you * are a pair of pigs.


The family is happy to go round and round. Flowers bloom and tie together.


Happy new marriage! I wish you all the same. Happy wedding, sweet honey! Husband and wife love and love forever!


On behalf of my family, I congratulate you on the occasion of your marriage. I wish you both happiness and everlasting happiness.


Good farmland also has good seeds, sowing time for love.


In this "most special" day, send "most special" blessing to the most "special" you, hope you have a "special" happiness!


See you in the joyful paradise, covered with sparkling stars, I just want to sincerely wish you a happy new marriage, love and happiness forever!


Bi-wing double flying swallow, water Mandarin duck, today joined together, love and respect as guests, with the same heart and old age, life is inseparable, wish a happy new marriage!


On this occasion of joy and celebration, may your marriage, like a river flowing back to the sea, be one, surging forward and enduring.


The bride, groom, and family are all new, respectful, loving and caring for each other, heart-to-heart, mutual encouragement and conversation, and confidence and determination are always new.


I know that you are married today, no matter if others do not wish you well, I bless you anyway. I wish you a happy wedding.


Today, I want to lose a bachelor and a couple of mandarin ducks. Next year will be a new life!


Today is a wonderful day for you to get married. On behalf of my family, I congratulate you on your happiness and happiness, on your early birth of a noble son, on your eyebrows, and on your life together.


Fate brought you to me, how can I let you leave in a hurry, I am not willing to let fate and I brush shoulder to shoulder, very want to firmly grasp the fate.


What never fade is mutual concern, which is endless and deep love. Love is also warmer and better because of the fusion of this moment. I wish you all the best!


From then on, the moon and night dream, and from then on, we will never forget.


One hundred years of repair, the same boat crossing, a thousand years to sleep together. Meeting in the vast sea of human beings is clearly a part of a thousand years ago. Congratulations on your wonderful marriage!

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